2014 . 04 . 08


Straight from the vinyl masters of Japan here’s the very first Large ( 6”) sofubi Heathrow the Hedgehog in magnificent glow in the dark vinyl.

Some details of this release:

LARGE Heathrow The Hedgehog Unpainted Glow in the Dark Edition goes on sale Tuesday April 8th at NOON PST at www.frankkozik.net size: 6” price: 75.00 plus shipping and handling 1 per family! Edition size 30 pieces Comes bagged with unique header card. Headers are signed and numbered. Made in Japan-Sofubi Vinyl We are proud to inaugurate the new LARGE Heathrow in delicious soft buttery japanese vinyl. So smooth! Glows in the dark! Offered unpainted for both GID fetishists and /or customizers. This small run will be the ONLY unpainted glow in the dark release of this figure! ACT NOW! 1 in 6 will come with a prize 1 of a kind marbled small Heathrow. Winners will be randomly selected

2014 . 02 . 26

Orange Creamsicle Heathrows!

Heathrow hates you. But, please don’t take it personally, he hates EVERYONE. In fact, just the other day as he was walking through the Magic Mushroom Forest (which he hates) he met the Orange Creamsicle, who tried to be friends and even offered Heathrow a bite, but Heathrow just hated him as well, and it made the Orange Creamsicle really sad.

Get your 3 inches of sofubi vinyl sadness today at noon, $40 at frankkozik.net.


edition of 50, hand painted by Kozik
comes bagged with signed header card

2013 . 09 . 16


Urban Vinyl Daily Exclusive Release!
only available at Urban Daily Vinyl online store

We are excited to announce the release of the ‘Jedi Ghost’ Edition Heathrow from Frank Kozik! The force is strong with this version of Kozik’s 3″ hedgehog character.

This signed and numbered edition of 50 is cast in beautiful translucent light blue GID resin to capture a real Jedi Ghost feel. This edition comes bagged with a special designed header card. You will be able to pick up one for you collection exclusively in the UVD Store this Wednesday September, 18th at Noon EST for $35 each. Get your’s before this ghost is gone!