2012 . 08 . 24


Dinosaur Jr.  ’The Bunny One’

From tiny acorns do giant metastasizing tumours grow….I do believe this was the first Preston Blair bunny swipe I ever did on a silkscreen poster and boy, did people go nutty for bunny forever after. To this day. Anyways I did it for no other reason than I LOVE cute animal cartoons and Dinosaur Jr seemed like a band that could appreciate some non’ violent wierd oh so punk’ imagery on a poster. Just delicious colors and a super cute bunnimon.This poster led to an endless cavalcade of bunnies on posters. I mean ENDLESS. One interesting technical note….I mixed the flourescent pastels myself by dribbling in small amounts of fluorescent colors into white base. Gave these posters a very bright , thick and creamy look that is light-fast, unlike straight flourescent colors. These look just as good today as the day they where printed.

odd sized paper around 18 x 24 ”  10 color silkscreen 

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