2012 . 08 . 13


For the first 10 years or so of my ‘career’ I did not have much money and I did almost all my work on a primitive ‘light table’ I built out of and old patio door and some beat up flourescent fixtures…so when the day came I got my first ‘big check’ I decided to blow the entire thing on a brand new-straight from the factory super deluxe all steel NUARC table…just like the ones the professionals at the old stripping place I had my stats shot at had. I envied those guys to no end..their light tables where all I yearned for. They where driving Corvettes…I had a Pinto with a busted out window all duct-taped up. The day the delivery guys showed up with MY bad-assed super deluxe light table was the day I could say ‘I am a man’. 

In the many years since I have used this table to draw, layout and separate over 1000 designs for records, posters…everything. I can’t really draw at an angle, so I do it all on this baby. It also comes in handy for holding cats…anyway, of all the things I have this and my bed are probably the most used and loved. I have never regretted getting it and to this day, every single time I sit down at it I feel ‘professional’ in a way nothing else can match.

It’s huge, weighs a ton and is a nightmare to get through a door, let alone up a flight of stairs, and the ballasts have burned out a dozen times…but it’s the only one I’ll ever use.

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