2014 . 07 . 23

SDCC 2014! Booth 5051
- we have a few original color way Clockwork Carrots sofubi vinyl $125
- Clockwork Carrot Supervillian sofubi vinyl $145
- Matte Black Dim Bear sofubi vinyl $145 
- William, Henry, Reginald - Heart of Darkness $110
- clear blue Heathrow sofubi vinyl $40 - edition of 50
- Lavender resin Gipper $40 - edition of 50
- Clear blue Hateball set sofubi vinyl $65.00- edition of 25 
- Large GID unpainted Hateball sofubi vinyl $40

2014 . 07 . 06

PRIMUS @ Capital Theater

7 color silkscreen on heavy archival stock

Size: 18” x 24”

Standard edition of 50, each signed and numbered edition. Same version that was available at the show, unsigned. $50.00

Artist’s Edition, edition of 20, each signed and numbered. Gold metallic ink replaces the yellow ink in the standard version. $65.00

Available 7/7/14 @ noon pst frankkozik.net/store

2014 . 04 . 14


We are excited to debut our latest figures in wonderful, buttery smooth Sofubi vinyl direct from Japan: Freaky Fritz. This debut release features a pair of them in 2 different sizes in lovely unpainted mint and flesh vinyl. Perfect for the customizer, or oddly attractive just as they are, this edition is strictly limited to 30 sets only, and will never be offered again! Hateballs are designed to fit well on a range of both ‘fight figure’ bodies and larger ones as well! Mix and match with your current toys! Additionally two lucky customers will receive one of the full figures shown in the photo above as a special prize! The 2 prizes will be randomly alloted. Here’s all the pertinent info: Hateball Set : Freaky Fritz in mint and flesh. Each set consists of one 4” head and one 3” head , mint / flesh color mix is random. Edition size: 30 sets Price: $65.00 per set Comes bagged with header card. Header cards are signed and numbered. Goes on sale Wednesday April 16th at NOON pst at www.frankkozik.net Limited to 1 per customer! CAN YOU DIG IT?

2014 . 04 . 08


OK Kids…LIFE IS PAIN ..so heres the new release info…Ultrus Bog figure RELEASE TIME: Noon PST on Thursday April10th! at www.frankkozik.net Aqua Bog Edition Edition size 13 pieces price 200.00 8” Japanese Sofubi vinyl comes bagged and headered with unique header card. Headers are signed and numbered by Kozik Kozik hand painted edition of Skinner’s famed Ultrus Bog. Deep beneath the waves the Bogs grow angered at Aquaman’s habit of tossing his trash into their yard and decide to exact vengeance in their own violent and sadistic way! Marvel to the hopeless thrashings of Aquaman as they rend him into several piecesI Rejoice with them as his life force bubbles merrily away into the Abyss!